One of the most frustrating things about having Diastasis Recti and core weakness for the moms I coach is that they want to do the “hard stuff” again. They want to sweat and lift heavy and train hard. They want to continue running or doing their favorite HIIT workout, etc. But they don’t know what movements might make a diastasis or weak core worse. 

It’s easy to be afraid of intense exercise because

  1. postpartum fitness “experts” on the internet are telling you some exercises are just plain bad and you should never do them (ex – crunches).
  2. Your body hurts or your core feels weak, and you’re afraid you might do something that will make it worse.

The logical conclusion is… steer clear of the “bad exercises” and the hard workouts forever so your core doesn’t get worse.

If you know me at all or have been in my world for any length of time, you know that I couldn’t disagree more with this mentality.

Because, if you’re focused on “not making it worse”, then how will you ever get strong?

I’ll say it louder for those in the back: there is no bad exercise, and you need to do hard things.

There is however, a process of knowing and discerning what amount of load your body can handle right now as it’s healing.  And that’s the part that takes some investigating.

But, you’ve got to try those hard things to see if your core is ready and to help it get stronger!  And that can take time and patience and an expert eye to help you.  It can be frustrating for sure to know how your core is responding.

he good news is, it’s completely possible to do high intensity workouts in a way that doesn’t do damage to your core! Plus, it’s GOOD for your core to rev up the intensity! You just need to know how.

And that’s where I come in! I decided a long time ago that I wasn’t going to let my diastasis stop me from doing the hard fitness activities I love.  And you shouldn’t either.

So… I’m going to show you how.  I’ve got a few tips coming your way over the next week to show you exactly how you can create a HIIT workout that is DR friendly!  

Today’s Tip for HIIT: Ground your feet.

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Sounds simple, I know, but try it!  Stand up and get ready to squat.  Get into a wide stance and then really press your feet into the ground, your heel and big toe.  Spread your toes, and press down hard and feel your muscles engage all the way up to your glutes!  Now, keep that intensity with your feet firmly pressing down and squat up and down, not letting go of the ground.  See how much more muscle activation you get? 

See the muscles in my legs turned on and working as I’m grounding my feet?

Now, do 40 squats, rest 30 second, do 40 more, then rest and 40 more (dumbbel optional).  Your legs will be burning.

Hope that was helpful!  I’ve got 2 more tips coming your way over the next week, so watch out for those!

If you’re looking for the best diastasis friendly HIIT workout on the planet, Check out Atomic Body.  Be prepared to lose 5-15lbs, get lean, and torch fat in only 4 weeks. 

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