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The Time Came

Hey all! I wanted to share something hopeful with you that doesn’t have anything to do with fitness. ūüôā

All too often we live under the anxious feelings that our time is going by too fast.
– Our kids are growing up too fast.
– We aren’t using the time in the day wisely.
– That we don’t have anytime for “the extra things.”

We hear and think things like… “Where has the time gone?”¬† ¬†“Time goes by so fast,” “I don’t have enough time.” “The days are flying by.”

It’s the feeling that¬†we’re losing time.¬† It’s enough to cause anxiety and feelings of not doing enough or being enough as a mom to really appreciate and make the most out of the time we have.

But I heard something this week from Bible teacher Beth Moore so profound that it literally caused a paradigm shift in my thinking.  It gave me goose bumps and filled my soul with hope.  I want share it with you today so that hopefully you may be encouraged as well.   Here it is:

In the Bible, time doesn’t pass. Time comes.¬† How cool is that?????
Time doesn’t flee from us, time comes to us.¬† It is a precious gift to have new time each day to live.

So many passages in the Bible begin with “and the time came…”

… Luke 2:6 “While they were there,¬†the time came¬†for her Child to be born”
… Gal 4:4 “But when the¬†time had fully come, God sent His Son…”
… Acts 1:11 “This Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven,¬†will come¬†in the same way as you saw Him go into heaven.

And, all of the “time came” references refer in some way to Jesus our Savior. His birth that we celebrate at Christmas is the beginning of our hope of eternity.

As Christians we have the hope that¬†our lives aren’t passing away, they are going somewhere.¬† When the time came for Jesus to enter the world and save us, that is the time that began our glorious hope of eternity.¬† And our time here on earth is leading to the coming of Jesus, to our eternity in heaven and to living each new day doing the work that God has prepared for us. It’s a precious gift.

So, instead of feeling anxious and sad and afraid about time going too fast or that I’m not making the most it, or that I am wasting time, or watching my kids lives pass because they are growing too fast… instead of mourning and missing the time that’s gone, I can look ahead to the glorious hope of the time coming.

And there will be exactly as much time as we need to live the life God prepared for us.

Yes, it is up to us to make the most of the time we have, but also, we can look with wonderful anticipation on the future, that the time is coming when our hope will be realized and the Lord will make all things new.

So this Christmas, my prayer is that you can be filled with the hope that Jesus came so many years ago and gave us the gift of looking to the future with anticipation and hope for those who put their trust in Him. May we set our hope on future glory instead of dwelling with longing at the past.

Merry Christmas, friends. If you don’t yet know Jesus and would like to know more, I’d love to chat with you about it.¬† Just hit reply and let me know.

All my best to you and your family.  Enjoy this wonderful Christmas Season!

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