If you’re not a fan of doing 1000 Kegels a day to strengthen your pelvic floor, you’re not alone. I’m not a fan either. And in fact, doing Kegels without working your pelvic floor in a range of motion may not be the best for you anyway, if you’ve got tightness going on.. There are much better ways to work the pelvic floor so that you work the muscles through their full range.

So, I thought we’d do a mini-pelvic floor workshop for the next couple of weeks, just to give you 3 exercises you can do that AREN’T kegels to help establish a mind-body connection for expanding and contracting your pelvic floor… while lunging! Yay!

Here is Progression #1. Do 10 on each side 2-3 times a day. Whenever you can fit it in. It will take you all of 45 seconds each time. Totally doable. 😊

Watch the 2 minute video here:

Do this one exercise for a week, and next week we will do Progression 2!  Enjoy!

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