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The 3 Exercises I NEVER Do

Hey friends!

We’ve all got favorites. And not-so-favorites.

Favorite ice cream, favorite tv show, favorite kid (ha! just kidding).

Exercise is no different.

And avoiding certain exercises simply because you don’t like them is totally 100% fine.

Fitness should be enjoyable (even if it’s hard), and forcing yourself to do a workout you don’t like will just lead to quitting.

If you don’t like it, don’t do it. There are a million ways to move your body that can accomplish the same goal.

Just for fun… Here are my 3 top worst exercises just because I don’t like doing them:

  – Burpees (HATE the jumping and the belly-to-the-floor move. Even hate the name). I will NEVER do a burpee. End of story.

– Rowing (BORING. Hard on my posture, plus it’s not great for a compromised core. I’ve found much more fun ways to work my back.)

– Handstands I was in a fitness group once where the end goal was for every participant to be a able to do a handstand against the wall by the end of the challenge. No offense to those who love handstands, but having the blood rush to my head while my wrists collapse under me and I feel like an uncoordinated octopus is seriously not my idea of a good time.

And now… Here are my top 3 worst exercises because I’m bad at them.

– Single Legged Squats. I do these, but not correctly.  My glute muscles are super short and tight (despite how consistently work them). That makes single legged squats very hard and I end up using my back and my quads instead of my glutes. So I modify these by using a wall or a bench.

  – Yoga. I may be the most squirrel-brained, unflexible person ever. This, as I’m sure you understand, does not make me a good fit for yoga.  I can’t concentrate on relaxing to save my life and bending into a pretzel is out of the question.

  – Sit Ups. 95% of people use hip flexors during sit ups instead or their core! I am one of them. Sit ups wreak havoc on my back, neck, shoulders, and hip flexors. Sit ups require super precise posture and alignment and I’ve got zero time for that,.  

So there you have it. 🙂

Now I’d love to hear yours!

What are some exercises you simply can’t stand? Any particular reason why?

Hit reply and let me know!
xx Suzie

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