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The 3 Exercises I Always Do

Hey friends!

A few days ago I shared the 3 exercises I never do, simply because I just plain don’t like them. If you missed it, you can read what exercises are on my never list here.

So, today I thought I’d share the 3 staple exercises that are regularly in my workout arsenal. These are exercises I do every single day, even on days I don’t make time for long, hard-core workouts. Short, simple bouts of movement when done consistently, add up to big results.

Here they are:

– Squats (any variation, I mix it up) – works legs, glutes, deep core, alignment, balance.

– Rotational Twists – For core connection, activates posterior chain, hips, obliques, rib alignment.

– Walking – yep. Every single day my girls and I go for a walk, whether they like it or not. ha! We typically go in the late afternoon. It’s a chance for my body to unwind from the day, and reset any bad posture habits from that day. Walking revs up your metabolism for a second boost during the day, it helps your core function and flatten, and works the glutes. Not to mention, walking totally clears your head, does wonders for mental sanity, and boosts your energy.

In short, walking is the bomb, especially for busy moms.

And that’s it!

None of my favorite exercises are big secrets or rocket science. They are staple movements that I do consistently. It’s consistency that’s actually the secret.

So, now… the big question – if consistency is the secret… how the heck is a busy mom supposed to to find the time to actually be consistent with daily exercises?

I’m so glad you asked!  I’ve been working on the shortest, simplest, easy-to-follow 14 day workout challenge that any mom can do. And get this… it’s made up of workouts that are only 5 minutes longI know you’ve got 5 minutes each day!

It’s called the Simply Fit Challenge, and it starts Nov 1.

It’ll be 14 days long, and by the end, you’ll have a foundational workout routine in place to build upon going forward! You’ll be loving and craving daily movement, you’ll feel leaner and stronger, and definitely have more energy and confidence!

This challenge is for those moms who literally need that first step. Who need to just get moving, without committing to a super intense, hard-core program, who have no time to think about fitness, but really need that jumpstart to get moving.

If that’s you, then this Challenge was made for you.

5 minutes a day, simple movements, simple mindset shifts, simple foods, and 14 days of a whole lotta fun. 

Click here to check out the Simply Fit Challenge.

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