Day 7


Today we’ll sculpt the almighty glutes!

I think we all have a love/hate relationship with glutes.  Meaning, we would love to have strong, perky glutes, but hate the frustration that comes with even getting them to turn on, let alone get strong!  

Flat mom butt is a thing for sure.  It goes like this – get pregnant, belly grows, baby comes out, glutes deflate.  No thank you! Let’s plump that backside back up!

Day 7: Glutes

In today’s video you’ll get 2 exercises for the price of one! The first one is a glute lengthener exercise to prep your glutes to turn on.  The second exercise is a killer, and one of my favorite exercises from the Ultimate Mama Glute Camp.

Watch the video here for a tough, yes, super tough exercise that builds your glutes like nobody’s business. And you don’t even need weights (add a loop band if you want for more resistance, but body weight only will still work wonders!)


xx Suzie

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