Day 12


You made it!

Welcome to Day 12 of the Renew Your Body 12 Day Event!

I hope you enjoyed the last 12 days of renewal exercises, and I hope your body feels stronger, taller, looser, happier, and rejuvenated!

So… let’s get to our final day…

Day 12: Head

How exactly do we work on our head as it relates to re-aligning our body?  Head positioning.  Moms suffer chronically from forward head position, meaning your head and neck is way out in front of your body.  Forward head can cause all sorts of issues surrounding alignment which affects your body all the way down to your feet, including preventing your diastasis from healing!

Getting the head back into a normal position will eliminate pain, help improve posture and alignment, and yes… can even help to flatten your belly!

This exercise can be found in the Upper Ab Fix program.

Click here to watch the chin tuck/head lift video, and start repositioning your head for better total body alignment.


xx Suzie

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