Day 1


Welcome to Day 1 of the Renew Your Body 12 Day Event! This will be a 12-day series to renew your body from the ground up. Check back tomorrow for day 2!

Today, and over the next 12 days, we are resetting our bodies from the ground up to feel renewed, refreshed, and stronger!

Day 1: FEET

This exercise is part of the Run Strong Mama program. Foot strength is important for runners, but trust me, these exercises do wonders for busy moms with core and pelvic floor weakness too!

Here’s your quick and easy Day 1 Video for your foot exercises.


xx Suzie

PS – IMPORTANT – I know feet may seem like a boring place to start (you’re like… give me the core exercises already!) But, our feet are integral to healing the core and pelvic floor!  What happens in our feet affects our entire body, including pelvic floor tightness and even diastasis recti healing!  So stick with me through these next 12 days, and don’t discount any exercise because you don’t think it’s helpful. I promise, every single exercise will be helpful!

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