Hear from real moms like you!

Carly T,  Mom of 3

I have loved this program. I am doing CC for the second time right now and am still getting great results. I started with about a 3 finger gap above my belly button, 2 around the belly button and 1 below. I am down to about 1.5 above, 1 in the middle, and barely anything below. I finally feel like I have an muscles again and that it isn’t all just left over baby belly. I recommend this program to everyone I know.

Hear from real moms like you!

Carly T,  Mom of 3

I have loved this program. I am doing CC for the second time right now and am still getting great results. I started with about a 3 finger gap above my belly button, 2 around the belly button and 1 below. I am down to about 1.5 above, 1 in the middle, and barely anything below. I finally feel like I have an muscles again and that it isn’t all just left over baby belly. I recommend this program to everyone I know. 

Carrie K,  Mom of 1

I did the 4 week Core Corrective in May. I feel like from the side photos that there is some obvious change to the belly pooch and my posture as well. And I did get several comments from family that asked me if I was losing weight. But not only that, I could FEEL the difference. I have been doing other workouts so at first switching to this felt like I wasn’t getting exercise, but after a few days I couldn’t believe how activated my core and glutes felt in a way that never happened with other workouts. I feel like the course was definitely worth doing and I would recommend it to other moms! 

Gina H,  Mom of 3

My pre-existing back problems were acting up so badly that my husband and I were discussing logistics of getting me back in physical therapy with (nursing) 5 month-old twins and and a 19 month old during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020. It was a nightmare, but I was struggling to pick up my kids! Immediately, my back issues started to fade!!! I was leery because often exercise will make it worse, but even the exercises in CC that were similar to the ones I learned in physical therapy were more effective because of the focus on breathing and my glutes! I feel like I’m learning to hold my core correctly for the first time!

Ashton K,   Mom of 1

Here is my before and after. HIGHLY recommend! During this time I also started eating better and have continued the yoga work outs I had been doing. But I’m sure that the CC program is what made the big difference. 

Sarah C,  Mom of 2

The program works – and not just to strengthen your core and heal diastasis recti. It works because it fits into the life of a busy mom. Work outs can range from 12 minutes to 30 minutes (or longer), depending on how much time you are able to devote to yourself and your body wellness. 

China W,   Mom of 1

Excited to see some real progress! The first photo is mid April, before starting these programs.  The second is mid June after completing 6 weeks of the Run Strong Mama program and about 2 weeks into Core Corrective.  
Mandi M,   Mom of 3

I officially finished the 4 weeks of CC yesterday. My DR went from 3 fingers at my belly button to 2.5 and from 2 fingers above and below to 1.5.  I’m going to go through the 4 weeks again in hopes of closing another half finger.

Lindsey C,   Mom of 6

I liked this program because it was simple and quick each day. It helped me learn little things that I needed to change and got me thinking about my lower and deeper abdominal muscles. I also learned how important my glutes were to my core strength. I started with a loose 2 inch finger gap in the middle and top with a 1.5 finger gap in the bottom. My depth up to my first knuckle. Now I have a one finger gap in the middle and top and no gap at all below my belly button! And my depth is to mid finger nail now! 

Tracy G,   Mom of 4

I have a five finger gap. I’ve been working on this since my youngest was born (he’s five), but I’m never consistent. However, this time I’ve been taking weekly pictures to see the small changes. This is my two week difference! 

Hannah K,   Mom of 4

Thank you SO much! I honestly didn’t realize how much I had changed but I decided to take a picture today anyways and WOW! I am almost five months postpartum with baby #4 and still look HUGELY pregnant. I have only done one week of this program and not even doing as much as I should because of juggling four kiddos and look at the difference already!?! It makes me want to cry that it’s actually working! This definitely gives me motivation to keep up with the program! 
Val H.

Your program has given me the confidence to start doing ab work and I think you can see a difference after a month. Thank you for making this program!

Anna S, Mom of 3

Before Core Corrective, I would feel out of breath often and had trouble bending over for basic activities. So much has changed! I now have stamina to stand for long periods and not feel aches or pains in my back, the ability to roll over in bed without feeling like I have to awkwardly hoist my body, and getting up and down out of low chairs with little effort and no pushing. My entire body feels stronger in ways I didn’t realize until I started paying close attention. 

Gloria Liao, Mom of 3

I am feeling more solid and I definitely feel that my core is stronger. I’m able to come up from a lying down position with more ease.  I realized that this is more than just a program to try to get back your abs. It’s about building strength and stability over the long run and also building a community with other moms who are struggling with the same issues. 

“Core Corrective is a great way to start getting back into fitness after having a baby. The program is informative and easy to follow. My core definitely strengthened and I saw improvement in my diastasis. My diastasis went from 3 fingers to 1 1/2 fingers separation.”

– Vicki, Mom of 7

“The organized and clear approach along with great videos provide a valuable structure that will help moms and anyone seeking to gain core strength in a very attainable way. This program works! My DR reduced from 2 fingers to only 1 in 4 weeks!”

– Miriam D, Mom of 2

“I’m learning how to help get control of my pelvic floor muscles and realizing just how out of shape I am, but realizing there are answers out there to help me. I took extra time with the breathing exercise as I realized it feels like I haven’t used the lower part of my lungs in a long time. I found my posture has naturally improved and my breathing is better.”

– Ashley, Mom of 2

“I was having chronic hip and low back pain whenever I would run, and it was getting progressively worse, making it so that I had to really cut down on my mileage just as I was trying to work up from a 15K to a half marathon. It is hard to train for a half marathon when a two mile run hurts you for a week! The change in my run has been dramatic. I no longer have lingering hip pain, and in fact, I don’t feel the runs in my hips and low back anymore – I feel them in my inner thighs and glutes. My core is stronger every day, and I am able to activate the core to bring my pelvis into alignment while I run, which I haven’t been able to do up to now.”

– Valerie M, Mom of 4

“What bothered me the most was my weak core and lingering tummy fat, but I’d also have difficulty with not peeing myself! I’m already able to hold my pee in longer and some of the fat near my c-section scar has shrunk. Learning to breath healthier is huge! I have genetic scoliosis and the breathing routine you learn at day one helped me with my posture, feeling more positive, and reducing pain! This is worth every penny! There is SO MUCH content in this program that I feel like I should have paid more!! Her expertise and all the bonus material blew me away and I’m so glad I took a chance and purchased!”

– Rachel, Mom of 5 


“I had a stubborn diastasis (and accompanying “pooch”) that didn’t seem to be healing, even after I’d completed a 12-week program designed to do just that. Two important things have changed since I finished CC: 1) The diastasis is healing! 2) I feel SO much better educated about when and how to engage my core and other muscles. This program teaches everything from the critical basics, to correct form, to honing a mind-body connection that allows you to isolate and engage only the muslce groups that should be used.”

– Melissa, Mom of 1 


“I lost all my baby weight but was frustrated with being unable to lose extra inches around my midline. When I began Core Corrective, I found the exercises to be short and easy to fit into a busy schedule. Learning to breathe correctly in the prework was worth the cost alone for me! I never thought I would be able to feel confident, strong, and in control of my body again after having kids. That is priceless!!”

– Annie S, Mom of 2

“I’ve gained a stronger core and the ability to tell if the right muscles are firing! I have seen a noticeable flattening in my abdomen and decrease in DR measurements and am feeling at my strongest since having a baby! You will be so thankful for Suzie’s helpful demonstrations on exercises you never knew you were doing wrong! My core feels so much better, and I feel like I have the tools I need to keep making it stronger now! And to help heal after any subsequent pregnancies I may have.”

– Lauren, Mom of 1

“There are a lot of exercises out there to help with DR. I tried all of those with no results. After starting this program I realized that those exercises weren’t correct which is why I wasn’t getting results. This program teaches you the proper form, technique and targets specific areas. My stomach is now flatter and my abs are starting to close. I have noticed my core getting stronger and I no longer have lower back pain. Biggest thing is I finally feel comfortable and confident in my clothes again!”

– Ashleigh, Mom of 3

postpartum fitness
postpartum fitness
postpartum fitness

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