Run Strong Mama 6 Week Program for ONLY $97

The ONLY postpartum running program that gives you a step-by-step system to go from pain, peeing and problems while running to core and pelvic floor awesomeness,  muscle and booty strength, endurance for days,  super effective walk/run interval training, and finally strong, fast, pain and pee-free running!

Just follow the 6 Week Plan, do the Work, and you’ll be running as far and as fast as you want.  REALLY.

Finally! A post-partum running program that meets you where you are and covers all facets of how to return to running after having a baby!  Yay for Run Strong Mama!

HI! I’m Suzie Edwards and helping moms get strong to run is my PASSION! No matter how old your baby is, no matter what running level you start at, I know that ALL MOMS can restore their bodies to run again.  

Without peeing or pain.

Run Strong Mama.  Let’s Go. 

As an avid distance runner for the past 13 years, and a mom of 3 (including twins), I found myself feeling completely lost, frustrated and broken after having twins in 2014.  Up to that point, I had run 10 marathons, 2 half marathons and countless 5k and 10k races in my life.  Running is my absolute favorite sport and was very much tied to my mental and emotional well being, as well as my go-to for physical fitness.  Discovering I had Diastasis Recti, pelvic floor issues and back pain 6 weeks after giving birth was devastating to say the least.  I’d had a very fit pregnancy and even ran up until 36 weeks!  I felt like my body had failed me.  Running hurt.  But, I refused to let it stay that way! 8 weeks after giving birth, I began the long slow process of healing my core and pelvic floor and building back my strength to start running again.  I learned and researched all things running and postpartum fitness.  I became a certified personal trainer and a post partum corrective exercises specialist in 2015, and haven’t stopped learning since.  After 7 months of hard work, I was back on the road running strong, running pain free, and funning with ease and absolute joy!  My core was functional, I didn’t pee my pants at mile 6, and running was fun and free and faster than before I had babies! WOOHOO!

My own postpartum journey success is what inspired to me create Run Strong Mama.

My goal is very simple: to share the very best exercises to get strong to run again in an exact step-by-step plan to regain function. strength and endurance so that every mom can hit the road running and feel strong and amazing doing it and never pee her pants ever again! (yes that was a long sentence!) There are so many core and pelvic floor rehabs programs out there, but Run Strong Mama, is the first postpartum program that bridges the gap and transitions a mom from core and pelvic floor rehab work to a strength-training program specifically designed to build up to one goal: running strong.  Consider Strong to Run sort of like your Stage 2 between rehab and running.  Strong to run is the most intuitive, most effective, most fun run prep program that comes with step-by-step exercise to heal your core, strengthen your pelvic floor, build strength and endurance that you need to run strong and fast and pain free.  

The Run Strong Mama program is exactly that (and more!), and if any of what I just described resonates with you – then I made it for you.


Things you WON'T have to do if you buy Run Strong Mama:


Worry about peeing your pants while out for a run


Waste time & money buying and piecing together multiple core and running programs to get a complete result


Learn on your own how to retrain your body to run with disatasis recti, back pain, leaking, or shallow breathing


Worry about injuring yourself, or causing more damage to your core and pelvic floor


Google postpartum running workouts for hours on end not knowing who to trust or believe.


Give Up running altogether


Stand on the sideline and watch everyone else run your favorite race


Things you WILL get to do if you buy Run Strong Mama:


Follow the 6 week step by step program and learn to build a strong solid base of strength so that you can run again however fast and far as you want!


Not worry about re-injuring your core or pelvic floor as you move on to intense workouts


Admire your strong abs and amazing booty.


Bask in your own glory as you run hard, run long, run however you want!


Run Strong Mama Program?

A Complete Running/Training Program

This program doesn’t just tell you to go out and run alot!  That would be stupid.  This program focuses on strength.  Then running.  Because you don’t run to get strong, you get strong to run. By the end of the 6 weeks, you’ll be running as far and as fast as you want.  No pain or peeing.


6 Week Calendar with Daily Workouts

You’ll get a daily plan so there’s no guesswork in what you should be doing each day!  But, I’ve also built in some  mix and match workouts for those who’d like a little control. 

Dynamic Workouts with Demos

The dynamic workouts are my favorite part!  You’ll work on your muscle strength and endurance for this. Hello nice booty

Breathing while Running

Learn about deep breathing patterns while running and how to time your breath with your stride for maximum effectiveness.

Walk/Run Intervals

These are key.  Master the walk/run and then you’re off to the races.

Exclusive Run Strong Mama Community

We have our own app!  Join other Strong Running Mamas for encouragement and accountability as you go through your program! Ask questions and get answers and have a ton of fun!

Core and Pelvic Floor Exercises for Runners

One of the things that sets Run Strong Mama above all other “mom running programs”. It is crucial to have a strong core and pelvic floor for running. Otherwise you’ll pee.  We don’t want that.

Access to Me to ask questions!

I’ll be active in the RSM community group where you can ask questions, check form, and have a personal cheerleader just waiting for your success.


You’ll get all the bonuses available if you buy Run Srong Mama during this special offer.

+ INCLUDED Private Community on our very own App!

You’ll have access to our closed Run Strong Mama Group via our personal app!  This is not a facebook group!  It’s a distraction-free community right on your phone where you can ask questions, meet new friends,  get help with your specific issues, inspire and be inspired by other like-minded mama runners, and get unique and exclusive new content regularly! There will be bonus workouts, nutrition guidance,, mindset coaching, and just a fun place to be in community!

+ 4 BONUS lessons to maximize your Run Strong Mama experience –

Bonus 1: Mindset Coaching Bonus 2:

Running with a Stroller: Bonus 3: Working with Balloons for a strong core: Bonus 4: 1 Private Coaching Session with me!

 BUT ONLY if you order before the timer below expires!

with BONUSES for only $97!

with BONUSES only $127!


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