Run Strong Mama

a mama’s guide to return to running.  No pain.  No peeing.  No problem.

Why do I need a postpartum running plan? Can't I just run?

Because our bodies are different after baby! And because running after pregnancy can cause a host of issues to your core and pelvic floor if you’re not ready for the rigors of the sport.  Running might feel physically, mentally or emotionally hard like it never was before.  Or scary. Or painful.  Or just plain not fun.  If you’re looking to get your running mojo back, then Run Strong Mama is for you! I’ve designed this program to give you a step by step plan to go from zero to running in 6 weeks. Run Strong Mama is specifically for moms who love to run and need a plan to get back to it after baby.

How do I get strong enough to run again?

You get strong to run again by taking it step by step.  You work on your breathing.  You strengthen your core and pelvic floor.  You build your glutes.  You strength train.  You take it dynamic.  But you also go slow!  Building blocks are the key and you shouldn’t skip any!  The Run Strong Mama 6 Week Training Guide addresses all things that mama runners need.  It’s a program that uses building blocks: 1)  proper breathing, running form and posture, core and pelvic floor strength, muscle strength, muscle endurance, the walk/run prep plan, and finally full-on running.  If you want running to feel great again then this is the program for you!

You’ll learn:

Breathing and Posture

Because your breath supports your pelvic floor and your posture strengthens your core.

Core and Pelvic Floor Strength

You’ll stop peeing when you run. Enough said.

Muscle Strength and Endurance

You don’t run to get strong, you get strong to run. Let’s find those glutes (and abductors and adductors and calves and abs and serratus) and get them strong.

Walk/Run Perfection

You’ll learn the perfect ratios of walk/run intervals to increase speed, stamina, and keep you running fast but safe.

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