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My favorite resources, tools and products for optimal healing.

Here is list of resources and tools to help you achieve whole-body wellness.  These are affiliate links.  I only recommend nutritional products that are super clean and the sourcing can be traced, and that actually get you results.  All the products here I personally use and my clients have used and gotten excellent results. 

Nutritional Powders: Your Super Foods.  Use code ALPHAMAMAS to Save 15%

Collagen Zint is the best!

Gut Health: Plexus Triplex (for the most healthy gut) 

Protein Shakes:  By far the cleanest and smart blend I’ve found. Lean Whey Protein / Lean Plant Protein

Fitness Gear for at-home training: Power Systems Resistance Band / Power Systems Loop Bands /WOD Bands / Small Ball / Yoga Strap

Online Fitness Programs that Work:  If you’re a self-motivated do-it-on-your-own type of mom – an at home fitness program is perfect for you! My 2 favorites are MUTU System / Core Exercise Solutions

Resources for fitness professionals: The best, most comprehensive Postpartum Exercise Certification you will find: PCES Course

Bottom line is, to really see changes in your body, you’ve got to address all facets:  fitness, nutrition, and gut health. I’m excited to share this list of really excellent resources to address the complete person, body, mind, and gut (and hormones – yay!)

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