The Ultimate Mama Glute Camp


Did you know that pelvic floor strength is directly tied to the strength of your Glutes? It’s true!

If you’ve done all the core exercises in the world and can’t quite get to that next level, glute strength may be your missing piece!

Ultimate Mama Glute Camp is a step-by-step building block workout system for moms who want to build a powerhouse set of glutes for total core and body strength.

(Not to mention, you’ll get a great looking booty too!)

Glute Camp is Step 4 in the AlphaMamas Total Body

Perfect For:

All moms still trying to heal their body postpartum, and are ready to move past traditional core work and make solid gains.

Your core will get stronger when you build your booty!

What’s Included:


3 Phase Booty Building Block System ($149  value)

  • Phase 1:  Glute Camp Base (3 weeks)
  • Phase 2:  Glute Camp Build (3 weeks)
  • Phase 3:  Glute Camp Burn (3 weeks)


  • Bounty 9 Week Meal Plan ($149 value)
  • Lunge Explosion ($29 value)
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