The Core Corrective


The 4 week Core Corrective is a step-by-step program to help moms heal Diastasis Recti, strengthen their core and pelvic floor, and feel strong and confident in their body after having babies. The Core Corrective will have you feeling stronger and more stable in your core in just 4 weeks, with time-friendly workouts that any mama can do.

This signature system will teach you exactly how to heal Diastasis Recti and rebuild your entire core so that you can do all the activities you love again, and feel strong and confident in your body.

Perfect for:

Newly postpartum moms (1 yr or less).

Any mom whose primary goal is to heal Diastasis Recti and/or pelvic floor weakness.

Moms who need a foundation of core strength to prepare for more intense exercise/activities.

Any mom wanting some solid core exercises to use with other workouts.

Moms just returning to exercise (no matter how old your babies are!).


What’s Included:

  • Full Length Weekly Workout Videos
  • Video Demo Tutorials
  • PDF Print outs
  • Diastasis Healing Tracker
  • 4 Week Full Calendar
  • Weekly exercise checklists and notes
  • Bonus strength workouts and glute circuits

Four weeks of core exercises that make up the foundational work you need to heal, restore. strengthen. and build a super-amazing, totally functional, and wonderfully strong body.

Each of the 4 weeks will deliver new exercises via online videos that build on each other.


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