Run Strong Mama 6 Week Full Course – BETA

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6 Week Course for everything you need to return to running after a baby. Safe for diastasis recti.

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Run Strong Mama is an 6 week training program that takes you from zero to running in only 6 weeks. You’ll get foundational training, core/pelvic floor exercises, strength and endurance drills, dynamic workouts, and walk/run interval training that suits your running level.  You’ll get video demos,  coaching, and a 6 week calendar to put it all together and give you a daily action plan to track with us.  Plus training plans for 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon racing! (coming soon)

PLEASE NOTE – Since this is the Beta round – I will be creating the course as we go and you’ll have access to me for live coaching as we progress through the 6 weeks.  It won’t be perfect and there will be changes and tweaks along the way as well as probably glitches. 🙂 Please be patient.

You’ll have unlimited access to your version of Run Strong Mama, so after the live beta round, you can use the program again as often as needed!

In exchange for the entire course being only $19, I’m asking for your full participation and feedback, and a testimonial at the end if you love what we did and had amazing results.  And your permission to use your testimonial in my marketing materials.


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