Core Sculpt



Phase 3 in the Strong Core Series. Improve core strength and sculpt a strong, lean tummy with this 6 week core program. This program will help to regain strength and function in your core, and improve your Diastasis Recti. If you are newly postpartum, 12 weeks or less, consider starting with Core Corrective before doing this program.



Build a hot-fire midsection in only 6 weeks without worrying about whether the exercises are “safe” for your postpartum body.

Core Sculpt is the “stage 2” sequel to The Core Corrective! Core Sculpt will sculpt, shape, and shred your abs for continued healing and strength. Featuring the Core Triad System, Core Sculpt will not only heal your diastasis, but will also shape your abs and flatten your belly along the way. You’ll build deep abdominal strength you can see and feel.

If you’ve made good progress healing your diastasis and are ready for the next level of strength, Core Sculpt is for you.

Perfect for:

Moms who have finished Core Corrective (or other core rehab-like program).

Moms who do not have diastasis or your diastasis is functional.

Moms who can manage pressure in their core and do not leak during activity.

Moms ready for a challenging core program that is still DR safe.


What’s included:
  • The Core Sculpt Triad: Sculpt, Shape and Shred workouts
  • Cardio Guidance (plus one Hi Cardio workout)
  • Advanced Posture and Breathing Work
  • 6 Week Calendar so you know what to do each day
  • Bonus – 4 core mini-circuits to add to any workout
  • Bonus – 2 meal plans to help with weight and fat loss goals, including a vegan option!
  • Bonus – Strong Immunity Support guide


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