Exercise 3: Single Leg Lunge Twist 

Here’s the last exercise in our non-Kegel pelvic floor strengthening series. 

Today we are adding load to the lunge twist by doing single leg repetitions. 

Hold on to a chair or counter for balance if needed, tall core, twist through your hips, and exhale as your lunge down and twist and feel your pelvic floor gently close and contract, then inhale as you return to standing and feel your pelvic floor open to its resting state. 

Press the standing leg into the floor and plant your heel and big toe. Hips square. 

Here’s your 2 minute video! 10 single leg lunge twists on each side once a day for the next week.  Or, do all exercises in the series for a complete pelvic floor workout. 10 each leg, each exercise, 2 times per day,



If you try it, hit reply and let me know below how it goes!

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