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A Core Exercise for Healing Diastasis Recti – Post 4

Healing diastais recti? You’ll want this exercise! It’s that time again for our One Exercise Weekly Series, where I show you a quick demo of one core exercise for healing diastasis recti that I’m doing this week that has a big impact on my core strength.

For the past few posts in this One Exercise Series, we’ve been talking about exercises that actually aren’t core exercises to help heal diastasis recti. Well, today we’re actually doing a core exercise! Rotating this movement into your daily movement practice on a bi-weekly basis can have massive results for your body. I think you’ll love it.

This week’s movement: Kneeling Core Block Squeeze.

This movement combines TVAs, pelvic floor, and adductors for deep ab activation and strength building. If kneeling is too much for your knees, you can do this movement sitting in a chair with the block squeezing in between your knees, or on your back, with your knees in the air and your feet on the floor, squeezing the ball between your knees.

Be sure you are straight up and tall through your core and that your ribs are in line, not thrust out front, abs engaged. Use gentle exhales as you squeeze the ball. Gentle exhales will engage your pelvic floor without putting too much pressure downward.

Here’s the demo video.

Try to do this exercise twice a day (morning and evening), 20-30 squeezes. I love it because you can literally do it when you’re watching tv at night. No need to take our extra workout minutes for this one!


xx Suzie

PS – This was one of the exercises we do during the Renew Your Body 12 Day Challenge. If you’d like more from that series, head over to the blog and see all 12 days of exercises! If you’d like a handy PDF of all 12 of those exercises, including demo vidoes, you can grab that FREE PDF right here.

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