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A Diastasis Recti Exercise for Big Change – Post 3

It’s that time again for our One Exercise Weekly Series, where I show you a quick demo of one exercise I’m doing this week that has a big impact on my core strength. Yes, it takes more than core exercises to heal your core!

These are exercises I rotate in to my daily movement practice that have had massive results for my own body. As I do them each week, I’ll share them with you!

This week’s movement: Side Lunge with Cross Body Load

This movement combines deep ab activation, obliques, and glute max and medius for strength building. Be sure to hinge back at the hips during your side lunge, so that your bum is not tucked under. See straight up you can stay through your torso instead of leaning super far forward as you lunge to the side.

Be sure you plant your entire foot and exhale as you push through the cross body movement, abs engaged,

Here’s the 1 minute demo video.

You can also do this movement without weight for solid bodyweight work.

Try to do this exercise twice a day (morning and evening), 12 lunges on each side. You can also play with the weight placement.  Hold the weight to one side, or out in front, or up on your shoulder on the lunging side. 

Don’t forget to check out the previous One Exercise Posts for some more ideas of DR healing exercises you can easily do throughout your day right at home. You can read it here. Enjoy!

xx Suzie

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