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Keep It Loose During the Day (Tip #2 in the Simple Series)

This is the second email in my “keep it simple” series, where I show you small movements you can do throughout your day that will help to aid in your core recovery.
Here are two more ways to keep it simple and add daily movement into your life!
The problem:
Tight upper back muscles (traps, neck, shoulders, lats) and tight chest muscles can contribute to poor breathing patterns and core weakness.
The fix:
Every time you walk through a doorway in your house (which should be a lot), stretch them out! Below are two of my favorite doorway stretches. Stay in these position for just 15-20 seconds every time you pass a doorway. See if by the evening your upper back feels looser and you’re walking a little taller! That will, in turn, help to align your core canister and flatten your belly.
Stretch 1: Angel Spread – hold on to the door posts, arms behind you, lean forward and feel the stretch across your chest, as your shoulder blades squeeze together. Take four deep breaths into your ribs, back, and sides. Should take about 22 seconds.
Stretch 2: The overhead reach. Grab the doorframe at the top and pull down through your back, keeping your shoulders relaxed and NOT up by your ears. You’ll feel your lats engage and a nice stretch across your upper back. Take 4 deep breaths into your sides, back, and ribs. Takes about 22 seconds.
And there you have it! I like to do each of these stretches 3-4 times per day. It helps to take some stress out of my upper back, and helps to keep my posture in tact.
Hope that helps! I’ve got a few more tips coming your way in the next week or so.
xx Suzie
PS – I’m cooking up a really cool, super simple challenge made just for moms who are brand new to fitness, or need a very gentle way to ease back into if after childbirth. It’s called the Simply Fit Challenge. It’s for moms who have no time for exercise and feel frustrated that they can’t spend more time healing their body after pregnancy.
I’m keeping the workouts to only 5 minutes to show you just how little you need to do to get your body moving, establish good workout habits, and still see results. If you need a crazy easy fitness solution, and a little encouragement from me, then watch your inbox for more details coming in a few weeks! I can’t wait!
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