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HIIT Series – Tip 3: Revving Your Metabolism and Still Protecting Your Core

This is the third article in our HIIT series.  And for the past few weeks, we’ve been chatting about a few tips to help you know how to do HIIT workouts if you have a diastasis.

The “how” is definitely important, but what’s even more important is the “why.”  Why should moms with a diastasis that’s getting better be doing more intense workouts?

One word… load.

Your core can’t get stronger if you don’t load it to build strength.

Function is always first, of course, but past that you need load.  The muscles need to be challenged to do hard things, so that they can break down and then get built back up stronger.

That’s why postpartum healing is a journey.  There are so many phases to move through for complete healing.  And each phase is super important, so don’t get ahead of yourself!

Phase 1 is always function. You’ve got to get the core muscles working again first and foremost.  This phase is where you should be doing rehab-like exercises and pelvic floor work to regain tension at the midline, get the TVA muscles on board, and help your pelvic floor work properly (aka no leaking). The best program to regain function is the Core Corrective.

Phase 2 is pressure management.   Once the muscles are activating, we teach them how to handle the pressure of different movements, which helps them start to get stronger. Core Sculpt is perfect for adding pressure management workouts.

Phase 3 is strength. And thats where HIIT workouts, running, strength training, etc will be your best option.  Once you’ve progressed through Phase 1 and Phase 2, Phase 3 is where the changes happen.  Make your core work!  Let it do its thing of supporting you though the tough workouts. You will gain strength and develop muscle tone and a lean body.

The kicker about phase 3 though, is how to know when too much is too much.  It’s important to find the balance of making your core work, but not overloading it so as not to do damage to the progress you’ve made.  

And that’s where I come in!  With my first-of-its-kind HIIT workouts that are DR-friendly!

And, because I know so many of you have gone through Core Corrective and Core Sculpt, and are ready for the next step, I’ve created our Fall Challenge to be that next Phase.  It’s called Atomic Body and it’s amazing!

Atomic Body is a 4 week HIIT workout challenge and habit change program that will help you build a lean, strong body, burn fat, lose weight, get healthy, and feel confident in your body!  It’s also a group coaching experience where you’ll be taking the journey with me and other like-minded moms.  It’s going to be great!

Click here to get all the info about the Atomic Body Challenge and to join.

The Atomic Body Challenge is a live group coaching experience and we will all start together.  The next round starts February 15. Signups are open this week to give you plenty of time to get physically and mentally ready for the 4 week challenge, including having your fridge and pantry ready plus time to order any protein powder or other supplements you may want (optional).

But.. if you’re a maverick and like to go it alone, or you’re reading this after the live round is over, you can grab the Challenge program at the self-study price here, and do it all on your own if that’s how you roll!

Click here for all the details of the challenge.  The program is yours to keep once the 4 week Challenge is over.

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