HIIT Series – Tip 2:The Key to Fat Loss Without Dieting

As I’m sure you know by now, Fitness is my wheelhouse for a healthy body, it is not dieting.

Fueling your body with clean, whole, healthy foods is necessary for your health for sure!  But dieting???  No thank you.

How then, if we aren’t dieting, can we create the calorie deficit needed for weight loss?

One word… metabolism.

Metabolism burns calories, so a higher metabolism burns more calories.

Do the kind of workouts and eat the kinds of foods that rev up your metabolism.

Metabolism goes up, calories get torched.

What kind of workouts do this? You guessed it… High Intensity Interval Training workouts (HIIT).

But, maybe you have diastasis recti or a weak core and pelvic floor after having babies. Maybe you’ve been told you can’t run and jump and plank and twist because your core can’t handle it. Maybe you’re afraid to try.

I’ve got something for you.

It’s Tip #2 in our DR HIIT friendly series: Light Weights to Burn Calories

Did you know that lighter weights can be just as effective as lifting heavy? It’s true! The lighter the weights, the more reps you can do, and the more calorie burn you’ll get.  Lighter weights are much more diastasis-friendly than heavy weights because lighter weights won’t overload the core with too much pressure.  The key to using light weights for fat and calorie burn is lots of reps. Your muscles can be pushed to fatigue this way.  You’ll work up a good sweat and burn calories while building muscle and keeping your core intact.

So… Grab some 5lb weights.  Set a time for 90 seconds, and do some bicep curls.  Then rest 30 seconds, and repeat.  By round 3, your muscles will feel lt. 

You can do any exercise this way! Find six minutes in your day today and give it shot!

PS –  On February 15, I’ll be leading the first ever DR friendly HIIT workout challenge that will have you sweating, burning calories, and boosting metabolism, all with movements (and modifications) that are DR-friendly.

It’s called Atomic Body, and It’s a 4 week challenge where you’ll get the workouts, the meals, and the coaching directly from me. We will use fitness and nutrition to ignite metabolism, burn calories and build a lean, strong body. Plus have a ton of fun with a group of moms who get it.

Signups are now open!  Check out Atomic Body here.

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