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Grounding and Your Core

Ever heard of grounding?

I’m always fascinated with “off the beaten path” kinds of fitness/wellness practices that actually can make a difference in the life and health of a mom, AND that are also doable and can fit in a busy mom’s life.

My latest discovery… a practice called grounding, or earthing.

The premise is simple – walk barefoot over the natural earth (not pavement or concrete). Doesn’t have to be miles long either, just a few minutes of earthing in bare feet can do some really cool things to your body!

Watch my quick 20 second grounding video example here.

In the video, I show you three different examples of terrain you can walk over. But find your own! Let your feet and entire body feel different things. It’s really cool!


  • You’re able to release the electrical charge and free radicals that you carry around in your body all day.
  • Proper functioning of your body
  • Can drain stress and tension away and out of the body
  • Able to drain off positive electrical build up you’ve generated in your body
  • Can reduce blood pressure and inflammation
  • Can regulate our sleep and other body functions
  • Able to balance blood-sugar levels
  • Can help you fight against diseases
Add to that the stability your core must use to balance your body over rough, unbalanced terrain on barefoot feet, and it makes a wonderful practice for moms that will create strength, function and health. Yes, please! 

If you’re interested in more education on how walking can heal your core, check out the best selling core corrective program here.

Give it a shot this weekend sometime and let me know how it goes! Yes, your feet may be sensitive and not ready for the earthing challenge just yet if you’re accustomed to cushy shoes, so ease your feet in and try to make them rough-ground ready a little at a time. Start with grassy surfaces and gradually advance.

And, what do you know…

As luck would have it, our 3rd Annual 100 Miles of Summer Walking Challenge is coming up in just a few short weeks! It will be the perfect place to practice grounding, among the other crazy amazing plans we have for this summer’s challenge!

Mark your calendars for May 20, when the Challenge signups open.

Challenge officially starts June 1.

Happy Grounding, and I can’t wait to share 100 Miles of Summer with you soon!

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