1:1 Virtual Coaching

Your Custom Fitness Program

Accountability, encouragement, support, precision, results.  That’s what you’ll get with 1:1 Coaching.  And it’s all online!  I use a hybrid method of personal training – you’ll have an at-home program you’ll do daily as homework.  Then you’ll meet with me for your virtual live session up to 4 times per month to be coached through the exercises and ensure you’re using proper form, doing all the exercises right, and getting results.  Your program will be custom-made just for you.  That’s the beauty of 1:1 Coaching.  Exercises and programs just for your body and your goals. It’s the best, quickest and most results-driven way to achieve your fitness goals.  And you don’t even have to leave your house, drive anywhere, or put on makeup!  Online personal training rocks.  I only take five 1:1 clients at a time to ensure the highest service and best results.  Monthly packages start at $199.

a la carte Coaching

If you’re a member of the AlphaMamas Fitness Club, 1:1 Virtual Coaching Calls are available a la carte!  You can book a one-time 45 minute online Coaching Call with me to get some guidance through your program, exercises and workouts and just make sure you’re doing it right.  We’ll answer all your questions, assess your form, perfect your posture and be sure you’re getting the best results.  These sessions are perfect for trouble shooting.  $75 per session.

1 : 1 Coaching Features

Custom Program

Tried following at-home fitness programs that are one-size fits all?  It can be frustrating.  The workouts may not be what your body needs.  There’s no one there to be sure your form and movements are correct.  This is where 1 on 1 coaching is ideal.  Get a custom program that addresses your body and your goals.

Stay home and workout with me

The beauty of personal coaching done online is that you don’t have to leave your house!  Save drive time and gym membership money. Just hop on your laptop and we’ll get to work.  It’s efficient and effective.

Putting the Pieces Together

Postpartum fitness and healing  is a little like putting a puzzle together.  Because no two bodies are alike.  And everything in our bodies is connected!  Did you – fixing your arch strength can close your diastasis? Getting your femur sliding back into your hip socket can help stop leaking?  The body is crazy amazing.  We will figure our your specific weaknesses and put the pieces of your puzzle together until your body is functional and strong.

Accountability (and a little butt kicking)

This is my biggest strength – keeping you accountable. I will give you the plan, but you will do the work.  I will encourage and support you, but you will do the work.  I will keep you on track, fix your form, and answer all your questions, but you will do the work.  See where I’m going with this?  The focus is on YOU.  I’m the accountability expert, you will do the work. And then you’ll get the crazy amazing results.

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