Have you tested yourself for diastasis recti? Or perhaps had a doctor or physical therapist check for you?  If you have, then no doubt you were testing to see how far apart your ab muscles are from the midline.

That’s a good place to start, but did you know there’s an even more important measurement for diastasis than how wide the gap is? What you also need to be testing for is the depth – how far you can sink your fingers into your belly.  That measurement tells you how strong, tense, or weak the connective tissue is that holds your ab muscles tight at the midline.  The deeper you can sink your fingers into your stomach, the looser your connective tissue is.

Here’s a quick Diastasis self-test video that shows you exactly how to measure both the depth and width of your gap so that you know what to work on as you start to heal!

And… check out the Core Corrective 4 week program for the best system to heal your core in only 4 weeks.  The Core Corrective addresses how to close both the width of the gap and gain tension at your midline so that the depth becomes more shallow as well.  The more shallow the depth, the stronger your abs become.

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