The AlphaMamas Fitness Club 

A One of a Kind Fitness Community

The AlphaMamas Fitness Club is a membership community just for moms for our physical, mental and spiritual fitness. It is NOT a facebook group!  It’s our very own community app and customer fitness program with no distractions, just purpose.

The Club is a super fun and wonderful and adventurous and hopeful and just plain amazing place to be!  The Club is designed to impact the body, mind, and spirit of every mama.  Physical fitness is important, but knowing who you are in Christ and who He’s created you to be is how you will truly heal and be whole.  Come for the health, stay for the hope,

What's Included in the AlphaMamas Fitness Club?

What’s in the community? The most cutting-edge, state of the art workout programs and exercises for postpartum moms.  You’ll find the correct approach for healing your core and pelvic floor. And when you’re past that, come to get strong, start running, tone your body, or any other fitness activity that you love.  Start feeling like yourself again after having babies!  But in addition to the workouts, you’ll get nutrition guidance, positive and life affirming mental exercises to guard your thinking, a prayer warrior wall, guest expert interviews on a range of health topics, a Bible reading plan, and Biblical studies to shape your view of yourself, who Jesus is, and who He created you to be.  The AlphaMamas Fitness Club is full of  encouragement, prayer and just a fun happy place to be!  I am so excited about the Club and will strive to keep it real, keep it fun, and keep it impactful so that you love being part of our community as we get fit together (and stop peeing our pants)!

What you’ll find inside the commuity:


Fitness is my passion.  I love helping moms restore their bodies to the strong, functional, and capable state that they need to live life to the fullest. This is not “fluffy” fitness.  Make no mistake – it works and you’ll get results.  You’ll get it all inside the Club – posture and breathing, core and pelvic floor exercises, strength training, endurance workouts,  Your core will be able to tackle whatever sport or activity you throw at it.


Did you know? Despite what our culture and social media are selling right now, you are actually NOT enough.  Neither am I.  We fail every single day.  If we bought the lie that we are enough, then this less than perfect (and often miserable) life is the best we could hope for.  But here’s the good news: we aren’t enough, but Jesus is!  He is our hope and He makes us enough when we surrender to Him. Everything we do in the AlphaMamas Fitness Club points to the One who can do it all and perfect His power in our weakness.


I have found that keeping my eyes on eternity and not on this world is the absolute best way to remember what is important in this life and what I’m utlimately working toward.  Keeping the correct perspective on our lives and our bodies and our purpose will truly set us free.


The AlphaMamas Fitness Club is your community!  All members’ voices are welcome and your participation is expected and needed to make the community rich in encouragement, support and accountability. We can’t wait for you to share your wins, your prayer requests, your fitness journey, your hope, and your life with us. 🙂

We Can't Wait to meet you !

If you like what you’ve read about AlphaMamas Fitness Club, please come join us!  It’s certainly not a fit for everyone, but if it’s right for you, you probably already know. 🙂  Click the button below to get on the VIP wait list for when the Club opens in late summer!

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