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Frequently Asked Questions

I recommend waiting until your healthcare provider gives you the green light to begin physical activities post-birth. This typically happens 6-8 weeks postpartum.

Absolutely, but always consult with your healthcare provider first. We have had thousands of c-section mamas get great results with the Core Corrective. I’ve had 2 c sections myself!

The timeline varies for each woman, depending on factors such as initial fitness level, consistency, diet, and the body's natural recovery pace. However, most moms can start to notice changes in their strength and tone within a few weeks of consistent workouts.

My programs are designed by me personally. I’m a certified personal trainer with a specialty in postpartum fitness and recovery. I’ve been specializing in postpartum fitness strength and coaching moms for over 7 years. I’m also a certified Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist and have been mentored by world renowned pelvic floor physical therapists. with special training in postpartum fitness. I understand the unique needs and challenges of new mothers and create cutting edge and effective workouts accordingly.

At AlphaMamas, I believe in the power of postpartum fitness to help new moms feel strong, confident, and healthy. Whether you're looking to heal Diastasis Recti, rebuild your core, or prepare your body for more intense exercise, I have the programs and expertise to guide you. Start your postpartum fitness journey today—because you deserve to feel your best, for yourself and your family.

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