The new, better way to heal diastasis recti

Until recently, most of the research surrounding the way to heal diastasis recti has centered on the goal of closing the abdominal gap. Similarly, the primary objective of many postpartum exercise programs was to reduce or eliminate this gap as a means of recovery from diastasis recti. Historically, these exercises concentrated on physically coaxing together […]

Is belly breathing the right way to heal Diastasis?

I got a lot of great questions in our free AlphaMamas Facebook group this week. It’s a question that comes up A LOT, so I’m answering it here!  1) “Aren’t you supposed to “belly breathe?” I’m working on breathing through my ribs/back as instructed but saw somewhere that it’s better to breathe in your belly.” 2) “Should I […]

Why some moms “snap right back” after pregnancy and other don’t

Why, oh why, do some moms heal diastasis like it’s NBD and I’m over here stru-ggu-ling??? Have you ever wondered, or worse, googled why some moms “snap right back” after pregnancy and other don’t? It’s super unfair, but it absolutely happens. Here’s the truth – you cannot control the speed at which your body heals […]

Does Breastfeeding Affect the Postpartum Healing Timeline?

Let’s talk about breastfeeding and postpartum healing, and how they may or may not go hand in hand. This is a definite “it depends” topic! I got a great question in our free AlphaMamas Facebook group this week. It’s a question that comes up A LOT, so I’m answering it here! “I am 5 months pp and breastfeeding. After […]

What happened to my abs?

When I was about 2 weeks postpartum with my twins, I remember lying on the floor and pressing my fingers so far into my belly (feeling nothing but squish) that I thought my fingers would actually touch my back. I had the worst ab separation (diastasis recti) ever. Yep, my core was shot. There were […]

Walking at a Toddler’s Pace – is it still a good workout?

Is walking with your toddler even a workout?Let’s just put this out there and face the music. Sometimes moms have no other workout choice than going outside and talking a walk with their kids. Picture this: You’ve got your full workout gear on, sports bra and all to brace for a high impact sweat session. You’ve got […]

Suzie Postpartum fitness coach

Grounding and Your Core

Ever heard of grounding? I’m always fascinated with “off the beaten path” kinds of fitness/wellness practices that actually can make a difference in the life and health of a mom, AND that are also doable and can fit in a busy mom’s life. My latest discovery… a practice called grounding, or earthing. The premise is simple – walk […]

Fix your posture

Fix your Posture, Heal your Diastasis

Let’s get right to it: you can strengthen your abs just by fixing your posture! Diastasis Recti is a pressure management issue.  When you’ve got an ab separation, your connective tissue and rectus muscles become weak and cannot properly hold pressure inside your core canister.  This results in the pressure wanting to find the path […]

3 Tips to avoid sugar and late night cravings

3 Tips to Avoid Sugar and Late Night Cravings

After running the world famous Atomic Body Challenge, where moms get amazing results in only 4 weeks, I’ve developed my 3 best tips to avoid sugar and late night cravings. I’ve put them in this short video to explain the method behind each tip! Watch the video here. Here are the cliff notes version of […]