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Tips to accelerate your health goals (that have nothing to do with diet or exercise!)

As the busy-ness of the holiday season fast approaches, the first thing to go, and the last thing we want to worry about is our heath and fitness.  Dieting is out of the question, and so many moms just resign themselves to the inevitable holiday weight gain, with the hopes of focusing on their health again in January.
But, it doesn’t have to be this way!  I have some tips for you that will keep your health and fitness intact and they don’t require diet or exercise!  Woohoo!   Just be mindful of a few easy changes and you’ll be pleasantly surprised that come January, you won’t need to make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight.  Insert your own happy dance here! 🙂
TIP #1: 16oz of water before your feet hit the floor.   This is one of the easiest weight blasting habits to begin.  First thing in the morning, as soon as you wake up, drink 16oz of water.  This will hydrate your body and flush your organs, (after having no liquids for several hours), eliminate toxins, jumpstart your metabolism, curb sugar cravings, get your gut moving, and a host of other benefits to start your day off right.  I put a 16oz bottle of water by my nightstand every night.  I sit up in bed first thing when I wake up and drink my water, right in bed without even standing up first.  Try it for a week and report back to me about how it’s changed your life.  I’m not kidding.
TIP #2: Practice Gratitude.  Gratefulness does something amazing to your brain. health goals It actually lowers your stress levels (which is a huge culprit of weight gain), improves your mood, and releases endorphins that make you just plain happy, energetic and optimistic.  Just spending 5-10 minutes thinking of all your blessings and things you’re grateful for in the morning will set you up for mental success all day long.  Joy and happiness leads to a calmer more peaceful day, keeps stress at bay, and inadvertently help to maintain a healthy weight.  What are you thankful for? 🙂
health goalsTIP #3: Walk Farther.  No – I don’t mean you need to carve out extra time in your day to actually go outside and take a walk (although that would be AMAZING).  But you can build in extra walking time into your day simply by parking farther away.  Park at the end of the lot at the mall and walk. Or at the doctor’s office or the grocery store.  Take the stairs.  Walk around your house while on your phone.  Walk to the mailbox instead of driving there. Adding even the littlest bit of extra movement to your day will improve your core, burn a few extra calories, and keep your metabolism going throughout the day.  Simple, easy and so good for you (AND – BONUS if you do actually take 20 minutes to go for an “exercise walk” outside!)
TIP #4: Find an excellent probiotic.  Poor gut health is the root of so many weight and health issues. Maintaining a happy, healthy gut will do wonders for your energy, your weight, your hormones, and your overall health.  Find a probiotic with several different strains and digestive enzymes. health goalsThis one is my absolute favorite.  It’s virtually eliminated my sugar cravings by helping to kill Candida in my gut and getting my body out of dysbiosis.  Making a probiotic part of your bedtime routine is an easy addition that will pay dividends to your health in the long run.  This system is my favorite to accomplish blood sugar balance, reduced inflammation and better overall gut health.
I hope you found these quick and easy tips helpful!  Try them all this month and you’ll thank yourself in January.  While everyone else is trying to lose those 15 holiday pounds, you’ll be doing your own personal happy dance, feel lighter, fitter, and so much healthier!!
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