My postpartum fitness journey..

I used to be in the exact same place you are right now, actually, probably worse!

After my twins were born, I felt lost, defeated and frustrated, I felt like my body wasn’t cooperating after trying every core rehab program under the sun. I felt like my diastasis would never heal, I decided to take control and do something about it.

And now…
I’m on a mission to help other moms just like you and me.

I am the mom of 3 (including twins!).  I’ve been training mamas and obsessing over their results for the past 5 years. 

After my twins were born, I found myself with a 4 finger DR and a core that just plain didn’t work anymore.  My back hurt, my belly pooched, and I felt completely lost and unrecognizable in this new body.  My OB told me that I’d probably need surgery.  He said to wait to 2 years and see if I still cared about my belly pooch then do surgery that point.

Worst. advice. ever.

Function. Strength. Confidence.

As an avid fitness coach and fan, distance runner, and mom who actually wants (and NEEDS!) a body that works, of course I cared!

And, there was no way I was waiting 2 years to “decide” I wanted a strong, functioning, healthy body. 

So, I started educating myself on all things postpartum.  After much trial and error, lots of success and failures, and a few setbacks, I was able to heal my diastasis, rebuild a strong core, and was able to run again without pain. 


Once I saw what kind of healing was possible, I then spent years training with the best postpartum specialists and physical therapists in the world.  In addition to being a certified personal trainer, I am a postpartum fitness coach, certified Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, certified MUTU Pro™, and certified Postpartum Fitness Specialist.  I’m part of the elite Inner Circle of Postpartum Exercise Specialist providers, and am continually learning the most up-to-date research on postpartum fitness.

 My focus for the past 5 years has been strictly helping moms with restoring function and strength after pregnancy. And helping them get strong.  As strong as they want, so that they can do whatever they want when it comes to fitness.

I’ve learned and developed a proven practice to correcting diastasis by building total body strength and function. I’m privileged to help other moms restore their core, and love their body again. My clients have seen excellent results and I love being part of their journey.

So, obviously, I was able to rehab and strengthen my abs, core, and pelvic floor without surgery!

And I want to teach you exactly how to do that too.

Want to see some great testimonials from real life AlphaMamas moms? Click here.

Let’s get started!

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