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A Diastasis Recti Exercise For Big Change, Post 2

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It’s our second exercise in the One Exercise weekly series, where I show you a quick demo of one diastasis recti exercise I’m doing this week that has a big impact on my core strength.

If you missed the first exercise in the series, you can find it here.

These are exercises I rotate in to my daily movement practice that have had massive results for my own body. As I do them each week, I’ll share them with you!

This week’s movement: Band Pull-apart and chest opener.

This movement combines deep ab activation with chest and shoulder relief for those moms with tight, rounded forward posture (ouch!). This one will feel oh-so-good to open up your chest and turn on your abs!

Be sure your breathing is on point and your feet are grounded. No rocking!

Here’s the 53 second demo video.

Do this every day this upcoming week like this (as shown in demo video):

– 4 band rotations behind the back

– 8 front band pull-aparts

– 4 band rotations behind the back

– Repeat

If you can do the above sequence twice a day (morning and evening), you will double your results.


PS – If focusing one just one exercise feels helpful and doable for you, I’d love to invite to join us for the most non-overwhelming, mom-friendly, core healing, and fun fitness challenge you’ll ever find. It’s called the Simply Fit Challenge, and it’s the opposite of hard. In fact, it’s just only 5 minutes of exercise per day! If you’ve been struggling to fit in more diastasis recti exercise, this is the challenge for you. It’s just 14 days, 5 minutes, 3 workouts total. That’s it. Check out the Simply Fit Challenge here. You’ll be surprised how much just 5 minutes can do for you.

If you’re looking for a program specifically designed to heal diastais recti, then check out our core programs here.


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