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5 Simple Workout Hacks To Do When Not Workout Out (Tip #1 in the Simple Series)

If you’re as shocked as I am that October is already halfway over and it’s time to start thinking about the holidays, then let’s all just sit down and take a minute to breathe and regroup.  lol!

I went into mild panic mode today about all the things I have to do in my daily life, let alone piling up holiday prep on top of it.

My brain went into streamlining mode and I thought… ok, what can I cut? How can I simplify my fitness life? What needs to stay and what must go?

If fitness, workouts, healthy eating, and time to yourself are the first things on the chopping block when life turns busy, then it’s time to change the game.

Because in reality, those wellness-type things you might cut out when time gets short, are the actual things that will help keep you sane during stressful, busy seasons of life.

So, let me help you simplify!

Over the next few weeks and into the holidays, I want to give you some tools and show you how you can easily and quickly stay on track with your fitness.

So today, here are just a few ways you can sneak movement into your day without actually working out:

1. Park far away at Target, the grocery store, etc, and get some extra WALKING in your life.

2. Glute Squeezes in the car! 100 squeezes on each side.

3. Squat while brushing your teeth, morning and night.

4. 30 second side planks during your favorite show at night (it will literally take you one minute to complete)

5. Pushups against the counter while standing in the kitchen waiting for an oven timer (my favorite!)

So there you have it! I’ll be back with a few more sneaky fitness tips in a few days, plus my #1 secret tip to stop the night snacking!

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