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Welcome, friend.  Let’s get moving!

I help mamas that struggle with pain, weakness, diastasis recti, a poochy “mummy tummy”, or leaking after childbirth to restore their core and pelvic floor, and to get strong, fit and functional, so that they can regain confidence in their body and themselves and do all the activities they love without pain, peeing or problems.

I also specialize in helping mama runners!  AlphaMamas Fitness is for any mom that’s had a baby (no matter how long ago), and wants run strong, fast and pain-free.

If you love to run but need a little guidance after pregnancy, you’ve come to the right place.  Let’s go.

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What People Are Saying

“Suz- I cannot even begin to thank you for all of your support and encouragement over the last several months.

A friend convinced me to sign up for the half marathon as a way to get back in shape after we both had our second kids. I signed up, and then I totally panicked. I was not a runner, I didn’t like to run….why on earth did I think a half marathon would be a good idea?? In the midst of my panic, I texted you about it. You knew I just had a baby, and promised me we would take things slowly and you would get me there. True to your word, you did. Yesterday, I finished my very first half marathon!

More importantly though, you motivated me to get back into a regular workout routine, helped me lose the baby weight, strengthened my core, pushed me to work hard, held me accountable, and helped me to achieve goals I never knew I had. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your personalized programs to anyone, but I would especially encourage other moms to give it a shot- it was hard work but I feel great!!



I have been training with Suzanne for 2 years now and it has been a wonderful experience. After giving birth to my third child, I was diagnosed with diastasis and was having a considerable amount of pain especially when I worked out. Suzanne recommended the MUTU system which helped me strengthen my core. Once I completed that program she started customizing workout plans for me that have helped me reach my fitness goals and fit into my busy life. She checks in with me monthly and adjusts my plan around my goals and what I have going on. It has been a wonderful fit me and I would highly recommend her as a trainer.

Beth W.

Military Spouse, Mama-in-Chief

“”Something has really clicked with me with consistency like it never has before being in this group. I’m so thankful for the accountability and fresh new ideas each day to keep the momentum going! I lost 4 pounds… – and those were 4 lbs I had been trying to loose for about 2 years so I’m super excited!!!” 

Kimberly F.



What happened to my abs?

What happened to my abs?

When I was about 2 weeks postpartum with my twins, I remember lying on the floor and pressing my fingers so far into my belly (feeling nothing but squish) that I thought my fingers would actually touch my back. I had the worst ab separation (diastasis recti) ever....

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Fix your Posture, Heal your Diastasis

Fix your Posture, Heal your Diastasis

Let's get right to it: you can strengthen your abs just by fixing your posture! Diastasis Recti is a pressure management issue.  When you've got an ab separation, your connective tissue and rectus muscles become weak and cannot properly hold pressure inside your core...

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3 Tips to Avoid Sugar and Late Night Cravings

3 Tips to Avoid Sugar and Late Night Cravings

After running the world famous Atomic Body Challenge, where moms get amazing results in only 4 weeks, I've developed my 3 best tips to avoid sugar and late night cravings. I've put them in this short video to explain the method behind each tip! Watch the video here....

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