After running the world famous Atomic Body Challenge, where moms get amazing results in only 4 weeks, I’ve developed my 3 best tips to avoid sugar and late night cravings.

I’ve put them in this short video to explain the method behind each tip!

Watch the video here.

Here are the cliff notes version of the best 3 tips I have to help you avoid eating sugar and those pesky late night cravings after dinner.

  1. Choose a start date to eliminate sugar from your diet, and then rid your house of all processed sugar 1-2 days BEFORE you start.  It’s super important to be sugar free in your house so you don’t reach for the candy bar during a weak moment.
  2. Drink 12-16 oz of water first thing in the morning when you wake up!  Keep a water bottle by your bed so it’s ready to go before your feet even hit the floor.  Watch the video to find out how and why this is helpful!
  3. Brush Your Teeth right after dinner. (watch the video to find out why and how this works so well.)

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