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The 20 second neck and shoulder pain release

My life changed forever when I discovered this neck-relief stretch.  It takes literally 20 seconds (unless you do it multiple times a day because it’s so amazing), and you’ll love it!

I don’t have to tell you how often moms find themself in hunched forward positions, shoulders round, head and neck way out front of their body.  It’s really hard to do all the mom things every day and focus on good posture.  I get it!  My poor neck and shoulders seem constantly stuck.  It’s where I carry all my tension and I’ve got to work to keep everything in line and loose.

When I found this happy little neck relief stretch from a Face Yoga guru (more on that later, as I watch my wrinkles melt away from a few face yoga stretches!),  I did it once and was hooked!  It’s the most neck-tension relief in the shortest amount of time I’ve tried.  You can do it multiple times a day and it will make a big difference in your posterior neck strength and relaxation. Try it with me now, and you’ll want to do it forever.  It’s also great to do right after breastfeeding!

Here’s what you do: (PS – I took these photos sitting at the cafe in the gym as I’m writing this. Trying to be incognito snapping selfies and doing this neck stretch.  HA! Excuse the weird angles, gym hair, etc)

Step one: interlace your fingers, palms open and place them on the back of your head, in the middle.









Step two: stretch your posterior neck muscles by looking down, and then gently trying to push your head against your hands, like they are two opposing forces,

Step three: hold for 20 seconds, continuing the constant gentle force.








Step four: release your hands and slowly bring your head upright.  You’ll feel like your head is floating back up and you neck muscles are loose and relaxed.  You should feel taller with your neck more in line with your shoulders instead of out front!

Step 5: Enjoy your new tall and relaxed neck!

Hope you love this stretch! Do it several times a day!  Then let me know if it helped to relieve tension and if you feel better!

For those of you who like to follow along with video, you can watch the 1 minute video here.

Suzanne and Daughter Handing from Monkey Bars on playground smiling



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